Obama Wins Song

Obama Wins!
Obama wins the white house now…
Them haters yeah– they need to sit down!!!
The Presidency… no bush understand…
‘Cause every knows that you are the Man—nnnn!
So get a life…McCain! — I won this here election!
Just get a life…Palin! — I won this here election!
Please get a life…O’Reily! — I won this here election!
Go get a life… Jesse! — I won this here election!

I just beat McCain on Tuesday and I’m not about rest
Bush is about to bounce like my cousin Rudy’s checks
In case you didnt know my father used to herd goats
My sweet little granny even gave your man a vote
McCain wanted to maintain 100 year war
I just wanna keep gas prices $1.94…
I’m the first half black president my friend
David dukes losing his mind… so is Hilary Clinton!


Had to smoose with O
Scarlett Jo got kinda weird yo
But thats politics bro
Do I like Joe? No!
A plumber write a book? What a joke
Will I paint the white house black???
Mmmm, I dont know….
Don’t have to kiss another baby
Palins a crazy lady
Delayed the World Series Game…. forgive me Philly…
Just had to make ’em all understand that I’m a blessing…
I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message!


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